What are useful WordPress plugins?

WordPress is an excellent CMS on its own, but it’s functionality can be greatly increased by installing additional plugins. That way you add features to your website that aren’t available in the the standard version of WordPress.

You will find a plug-in for almost every conceivable function. Just take a look at the WordPress plugin overview.

Not all plugins are equally useful. There are several that do the same. Some are well maintained by the creator and receive regular updates. Others don’t. Some get a lot of good reviews. Others have no or bad reviews.

A list of plugins that are useful and reliable

As WordPress consultants, we have positive experience with numerous plugins.


  • Seedpro coming soon. If your website isn’t quite finished yet, you can hide it behind a ‘coming soon page’. This way you can continue working without your visitors seeing half-finished pages.
  • Yoast WordPress SEO. This is the SEO plugin for WordPress. It is a complete, well-arranged plug-in to optimize your website for search engines. There are other SEO plugins that get good reviews, but Yoast remains our favourite.
  • Duplicate Post. With this widely used plug-in you can duplicate existing pages. That way you don’t have to format a page again.

Contact forms

  • Gravity Forms. The perfect plugin to create contact forms. It is a premium plugin and therefore not free, but it is by far the best plugin for integrating forms into your website.
  • Contactform7. A free plugin to create forms. Contactform7 is good for creating simple forms, but we run into limitations when the forms and handling need to get more complex.
  • Ninja Forms Another free plugin to create forms with. The pros and cons of Contactform7 also apply to Ninja Forms.


  • WP Rocket. The best caching plugin. WP Rocket is a paid plugin. Caching is a way to make your website load faster. Improving the speed of your website is very important.
  • WP Fastest Cache.  Also a good free plugin for caching, but slightly less than WP Rocket
  • W3 Total Cache. Another good free caching plugin, but not as perfect as WP Rocket.

Security of your website

  • iThemes Security. An excellent site security plugin. Securing your WordPress website against all kinds of possible hacks is essential.


  • Updraft. A reliable plugin to make regular backups of your website. If something goes wrong with your website, a hack occurs or something is accidentally deleted, you can restore the site to an older version.
  • Backupbuddy. Another backup plugin that is well regarded.

When you host or create your site with us, no plugins are needed for backups: WPorters uses its own secure systems to make backups.

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