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Motionmill values ​​your privacy. While most of the information on this site is available without providing any personal information, the user may be asked for personal information. This information will only be used in the context of customer management. Your personal data will never be passed on to third parties (if so, state to whom).

Motionmill may collect anonymous or aggregated data of a non-personal nature, such as browser type or IP address, the operating system you use or the domain name of the website through which you came to our website, or the web address through which you leave it.  This allows us to continuously improve our website for users.


Motionmill makes use of cookies. These cookies can be distinguished into functional, analytical and marketing cookies. When visiting this website for the first time, you will be given the choice to agree to these cookies, or change preferences for each cookie category.

Why cookies?

Motionmill places specific cookies to enhance the ease of use for visitors. They help in functionality and are intended to gain insight into the operation and effectiveness of the websites. This allows us to make the visited website as user-friendly and interesting as possible for the visitor. This does not collect data that can be used to track individual users.

Functional and analytical cookies

These cookies are placed for technical and content optimization. No personal information, such as a phone number, email address or personal internet behavior can be traced from these cookies. Therefore, these cookies cannot be used for email and marketing campaigns.

Marketing cookies

Marketing cookies collect data about the activities of individual users. This is used by third parties, such as advertisers, to collect data in order to show advertisements tailored to you. Marketing cookies are set by media companies such as Google or Facebook. By accepting these cookies, personal data such as IP addresses can be obtained. This allows user tracking on sites within and outside the Motionmill website.

The following list lists all cookies used by this website.

CookieLawInfoConsentpermanent, eigen cookie1 yearRegistreert de standaardknopstatus van de overeenkomstige categorie & de status van CCPA. Het werkt alleen in coördinatie met de primaire cookie.
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_gat_UA-(code)permanent, cookie van derden1 minuutDit is een patroontype-cookie die is ingesteld door Google Analytics, waarbij het patroonelement op de naam het unieke identificatienummer van het account of de website bevat waarop het betrekking heeft. Het lijkt een variatie te zijn op de _gat-cookie die wordt gebruikt om de hoeveelheid gegevens die Google op websites met een hoog verkeersvolume vastlegt, te beperken.
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_gat_UA-(code)persistent, third party1 minuteThis is a pattern type cookie set by Google Analytics, where the pattern element on the name contains the unique identity number of the account or website it relates to. It appears to be a variation of the _gat cookie which is used to limit the amount of data recorded by Google on high traffic volume websites.

These cookies are not used to track the visitor’s browsing behavior on other websites. Your Internet browser allows you to prevent the use of cookies, to receive a warning when a cookie is installed or to remove the cookies from your hard disk afterwards. Please consult the help function of your Internet browser for this.


Every customer can count on their personal data being processed in a fair and lawful manner. This means that the data will only be processed for the legitimate purposes described above. In addition, Motionmill guarantees that the processing is always sufficient, proportionate and not excessive.

Motionmill may transfer your data to marketing/CRM tools that can process the data for an analysis of surfing behaviour in order to send targeted notifications. Third party cookies can be installed for this. We will never keep your personal data longer than is strictly necessary. However, we will keep your information for as long as your account is active or as long as we need your personal information to be able to provide you with a particular service.

Motionmill has taken sufficient technical and organisational measures to guarantee the safe processing of your personal data. These measures correspond to the nature of the personal data and are proportional to the possible seriousness of the risk.

The risk of accidental or unauthorised destruction, loss, alteration, access to and any other unauthorised processing of the data is minimised. Unfortunately, no risk can be completely avoided. If unauthorised access is obtained to Motionmill’s IT systems, we will immediately take all possible measures to minimise the damage and/or theft of the data and report it where relevant.


Definitions for clarification:

– “Personal Data” means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person;

– “Processing of Personal Data” means any operation involving Personal Data ;

– “Processor” means the natural person, legal entity, de facto association or public administration that processes personal data for the benefit of the “Controller”, excluding the persons authorized to process the data under the direct authority of the Controller. In this context : Motionmill ;

– “Controller” means any natural person, legal entity, de facto association or public administration which alone or together with others determines the objectives and the legal and technical means for processing personal data. In this context : the customer of Motionmill who purchases hosting services ;

– “Affiliated Company” means a company affiliated with Motionmill ( extend nv, zirkus cvba) as defined in Article 11 of the Company Code.

Motionmill as Processor.

Motionmill is considered a processor of personal data to the extent that we process personal data on behalf of third parties. In this case, we endeavor to implement adequate organizational and technical security measures necessary for the protection of personal data against accidental or unauthorized destruction, against accidental loss, as well as against the alteration of or access to, and any other unauthorized processing of personal data.

Motionmill as data controller.

Motionmill is considered a controller when we ourselves determine the purposes and means of processing personal data.


Any customer can object to the processing of their personal data. The customer may object at any time, free of charge and without further ado, to the proposed processing of his personal data if the data was obtained for marketing purposes.

You also have the right to request that all your personal data obtained that is incomplete or irrelevant is deleted and/or to determine that it may not be used, regardless of the processing purpose. This also applies to personal data that may not be recorded, disclosed and retained, or personal data that is still retained after the allowed period has expired. You can exercise this right at any time, free of charge and without further justification.

The customer can exercise this right by means of a signed written request sent to Motionmill by registered mail. Motionmill undertakes to take appropriate action within fifteen (15) business days of receipt of the request.


Any customer who can prove his identity has the right to access all information about the processing of his personal data by Motionmill, as set out in the Privacy Act. This includes information about the purposes of this processing, the type of information processed and the categories of recipients to whom the data is disclosed. This privacy statement is a first indication.

The customer can exercise this right by means of a signed written request sent to Motionmill by registered mail. Motionmill undertakes to take appropriate action within fifteen (15) business days of receipt of the request.


Motionmill attaches great importance to the collection of accurate data. Incorrect or incomplete personal data can therefore always be corrected or even deleted.

As we cannot always be aware of any errors, incompleteness or inaccuracy of your personal data, it is up to you, the customer, to report inaccuracies or omissions and make the necessary corrections to your registered data.

If you are unable to do the necessary yourself, please contact us by means of a signed written request sent by registered mail. Motionmill will take the necessary measures within fifteen (15) working days by making changes or corrections to your personal data or by deleting your personal data. Since the deletion mainly relates to visibility, it is therefore possible that the deleted personal data will remain temporarily stored.


Belgian law applies to this site. In case of a dispute, only the courts of the district of RPR Antwerp have jurisdiction.

This disclaimer and privacy page was last modified on Jan. 4, 2022.