SSL certificate

What is an SSL certificate and why do I need one?

An SSL certificate indicates that the communication between your website and the user is encrypted. This means that sensitive data such as personal information, login details and payment details. In other words, you protect the privacy of your visitors with a secure website.

If you look at the address bar of this page at the top, you will see a lock on the left (and the url will also use https instead of http). This means that this site is secured with an SSL certificate!

An SSL certificate brings a number of other benefits:

  • It creates a sense of trust among your visitors.
  • The https technology also ensures a faster loading time, which your visitors will appreciate.
  • It’s good for your SEO because your site will get a better ranking on Google. The absence of an SSL certificate has a negative effect on your position in the search results.

However, not all SSL certificates are created equal. If you search for SSL certification on Google, you will probably come across a number of free options. Free SSL does provide a more limited security that can suffice for a small blog, but it is not sufficient for web shops and other larger companies to properly protect data such as payment data.

If you don’t have an SSL certificate on your website yet, you can contact our experts. Our hosting is secured and comes with high-quality SSL security that is also suitable for e-commerce. And of course we can also provide SSL certification on sites that are not hosted with us.

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