Securing your WordPress website

How do you prevent your WordPress website from being hacked?

Prevention is always better than a cure.

When building a website, you don’t always consider the possibility that your website could be hacked. You are busy with design and content. And you think it would be strange if someone tried to hack your website. But it happens. You don’t want all the work you put into your website to go to waste.


Some basic tips to secure your website.

Strong passwords

Use secure passwords. WordPress asks you to choose secure passwords, but you can ignore this. Even though such passwords are harder to remember, try to make it as difficult as possible. A large proportion of hacks still happen because passwords are guessed.


Update WordPress and your plugins regularly. Updates are often intended to fix problems or security issues that crop up in older versions.

Be careful of what you install

Use trusted templates and plugins. Beware of free templates or plugins of obscure provenance. Make sure they have been updated recently and check the number of installations and reviews

Secure hosting

Choose secure hosting. Because hackers can also access your website through your hosting. So see if your website hosting provider takes the necessary measures to secure its servers.

Making backups

Make backups of your website. If something does go wrong, you can always restore your website via a backup.

Google Search Console

Register for Google Search Console. The Googlebot crawls your website regularly and so can identify possible errors. Through Google Search Console, you get notifications of this.

Security plugins

There are a lot of security plugins available for WordPress. They help you secure your WordPress websites against possible intruders. We ourselves often use iThemes security, but there are others like Sucuri or Wordfence.


What can you do we if your WordPress website is hacked?

Finding out how your website was hacked and systematically reviewing all of your installation

  • Database cleanup
  • Cleaning up the hosting
  • Restoring backups if available
  • Screen and update themes and plugins (or remove them if the cause is found)
  • Installing security plugins


We can help you secure your website

No stomach for all this stuff? WPorters can help you make your website completely clean and secure again.

We first screen your entire website for possible security issues. Then we install the necessary security plugins and adjust all your security settings. If it is also necessary to change hosting, we can also offer you a secure hosting package.


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