The benefits of managed WordPress hosting

Leave the technical maintenance of your WordPress website to a WordPress expert.

Enjoy the benefits of managed hosting:

Updating WordPress, plugins and themes,…. it takes a fair amount of time if you don’t work with it on a daily basis.

Making backups, and restoring them if necessary,…. You may not be completely familiar with it and you want to be sure that everything is well preserved.

With our hosting, we assure you a fully maintained WordPress website that is technically up to date! Discover all the benefits of WPorters’ managed hosting on this page.

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WordPress is getting better and better. Regular updates ensure that the system remains performant, secure and keeps up with the latest developments in technology and user experience.

That’s one of the strengths of WordPress. But it can also be annoying to have to keep updating your website. At the risk of breaking something.

Worry no more, we’ll do that for you. So your website stays up to date smoothly, without interruptions.

  • Your website is always up to date
  • Monitored updates
  • For major updates of plugins, we discuss possible issues so the operation of your website is not compromised.


Websites get hacked. No website is safe from that.

We provide your website with the necessary tools and monitoring so that hackers are efficiently kept out.

And if something does go wrong, you know immediately and can take action quickly.

  • Security plugins that shield sensitive content. Scanning files for suspicious code
  • Monitoring of server activity, login attempts (brute force attacks)
  • Guaranteed hack-free!

SSL certificate ( https:// )

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer.  A secure layer is placed between the server and the Internet browser. As a result, the flow of data is secured.

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is an extension of the Internet communication protocol http. When someone visits a website, places an order, subscribes to a newsletter, leaves data via a form, … the https protocol ensures that the user’s personal data is protected.

Why is https:// so important?

  • Protection of your personal data stream
    The data stream you generate as a surfer is encrypted. In other words, it becomes very difficult for hackers to keep track of exactly what you have visited. Think e.g. of your browser history.
  • Integrity
    Data you leave behind cannot be changed just like that. A trace remains. Integrity is guaranteed.
  • Verification
    You are certain that the site you are visiting is the site you wanted to visit and not a copy that looks very similar and may have nefarious plans with your data.
    When you look at it this way, as a user you would prefer to only browse through a secure site.
  • Better results in Google
    There are other benefits as well. And they have to do with Google. You can find the announcement here. Google is committed to security. In their mission to present surfers with the best possible search results, they have now included security as a key factor. And therein, as a website owner, two crucial elements come into play:

    • Ranking: a site that uses https will rank better, get a better position in search results.
    • Unsecured data is not exchanged through Google Analytics. As a result, you have less insight about the use of your website in the statistics.


If something goes wrong somewhere, it’s always handy to be able to fall back on a backup. Accidentally deleted a page or article. Or maybe there was something technical going on… Restoring a backup quickly solves the problem.

We provide daily backups of your site. So you minimize the risk of seeing your work go up in smoke unexpectedly. You can also work on your website with peace of mind, knowing that a backup is always available.

  • Daily WordPress backups
  • Work on your website without stress

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