Restoring a hacked WordPress website

Your WordPress website got hacked?

Has your Web site fallen prey to hackers? Extremely annoying. But if it can be any consolation….

take a breath…

WPorters will get your website back up and running in no time. More than that, we install the necessary plugins and other elements that will prevent the hacking of your website in the future.


When is your WordPress website hacked?


  • Your website is no longer working
  • There are strange links on your website
  • Your site is flagged by Google as ‘unsafe’ or ‘This website may be harmful to your computer’
  • Files have disappeared or been replaced
  • Pages that you didn’t create are being indexed by a search engine ( search in Google ‘’ )
  • Your website is being used to send spam
  • You get warnings through Google Search Console
  • Your website links visitors directly to another website
  • Files have disappeared or been replaced

dot dot dot dot, because there are, unfortunately, many other ways hackers can make your life miserable.


What to do if your WordPress website has been hacked

Depending on how and to what extent your website was hacked, these are some of the things you should definitely do:

  • Database cleanup
  • Cleaning up hosting
  • Restoring backups if available
  • Screen and update themes and plugins (or remove them if that’s the cause)
  • Installing security plugins


We can help you. WPorters does a full checkup of your website

Step by step we comb through your entire WordPress installation

Let our WordPress experts review all of your website. We will repair all damaged documents and provide your website with all the necessary safeguards. Your website will be back up and running at full speed. And your data and your customers’ data will be protected, so you’ll be able to sleep on both ears from now on. So be sure to contact us if your WordPress site has been hacked.

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