Why is my WordPress website slow?

Improve the speed of your WordPress website

Sitespeed is important!

User Experience

Nobody likes a slow website. A too slow WordPress website will cause visitors to leave your site. 1 in 2 visitors would leave a website if it takes longer than 6 seconds to load a page. lf a visitor has to wait too long for a page to load, he will drop out. Especially now that websites are increasingly visited via mobile devices and thus mobile networks, speed has become a priority.


Google also likes fast websites. The speed of a website has become one of the ranking factors of the Google algorithm. So if you want to be visible in search engines and thus get visitors to your website. Then your website must load fast.


Your WordPress website is working, but pages are loading slowly. What now?

With these simple tips you can ensure a faster loading time:

  • Optimize the content of your pages. The more there is on a page, the more (and therefore the longer) it has to load. So consider whether you can omit some photos or videos.
  • Limit the file size of your images. High resolution images are heavier and will contribute to a longer loading time. We therefore recommend optimizing images in their file size by limiting the size and using compression tools such as Imagify.
    • Resize your images to the size you need. So don’t post images directly from your camera on your website, for example. The resolution and size are probably much too large. Edit them to the size you need first.
    • Adjust the quality. Obviously, you want to display beautiful images. But sometimes you can turn the quality of jpg files down a notch without seeing the difference.
    • Compress files with a plugin. These will extract some more unnecessary information from your files.
  • Avoid redundant WordPress plugins. Plugins are useful, but the more you use, the slower your site will load. So keep this in mind and remove the WordPress plugins you don’t use.
  • Limit the amount of fonts you use on your site. Every kind of web font you use on your site has to be loaded extra and there are also variants (such as bold and italic), so it pays to limit yourself to a maximum of two custom fonts.
  • Optimize your site’s code.
    • Combine scripts. All the scripts needed to load your site are combined in one document. In terms of file size, this does not improve anything, but it does improve the fact that the server only has to find and address 1 document instead of several.
    • Compress scripts. Filter all excess data from your scripts.
    • Clean up the database. It may have collected a lot of data throughout different versions of your website. Data that is no longer needed can be deleted, but be sure it is not used on your site!


Your hosting and the code of your website will also affect the speed.

Improving the speed of your WordPress website. How do we do it?

  • Hosting
    Your WordPress website is hosted on reliable, fast servers. This way, we guarantee optimal performance of your website.
  • Caching
    We install caching at different levels. On page and on server level.What is caching?
    Every time a visitor visits a page of a website with a content management system, this page is “generated” for him from all the elements that the page should contain. This always takes a bit of time. From a fraction of a second to…. depending on the structure and elements.
    By installing cache there version of the pages will already be ready or created only once per user. Which can therefore save a huge amount of time.
  • Optimization of scripts
    A website uses different scripts such as javascript and css to run. Additional plugins and functionalities add other scripts to that. That’s where analytics codes, remarketing tags, social media tags to it.
    These scripts combine, minimize, load asynchronously, … there are plenty of ways to gain speed here as well.
  • CDN
    We optionally use a CDN to optimize the speed of your website based on the geographical location of your visitors.

Would you like someone with expertise to watch with you to optimize the speed of your site? Then we at WPorters are happy to help you. We make every effort to provide you with a fast, well-run website in top condition.

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