What is the best SEO plugin for WordPress?

The best WordPress SEO plugin in our opinion is Yoast SEO. There are 6 reasons for this:

  1. Yoast allows you to customize the Google snippet: SEO title, slug, and meta description are all editable.
  2. The plugin provides an SEO analysis of the respective page. Yoast advises on SEO factors such as internal links, text length and images.
  3. Yoast allows you to enter a keyphrase (search term), after which the plug-in scans your page for suitability of this keyphrase.
  4. You can set whether a page is cornerstone content.
  5. You will receive advice on the readability of the page, looking at, among other things, sentence length, paragraph length, transition words and the use of the passive voice.
  6. In the paid premium version you can also set how it should look when people share your page on Facebook.

And there’s actually a really strong seventh reason: Yoast is free, with (if you want it) a premium version with more features.

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