Gravity formulieren integreren in je WordPress website

The best way to put forms on your website.

Forms on your website are the best way to connect with your visitors. You make it easy for your visitors to ask for additional info. They can ask their question directly on the page. No need to open a mail program or reach for their phone.

Gravity Forms is the tool of choice for building forms.

  • A clear editor
  • The ability to send all notifications to the right person
  • Save entries in your backend
  • etc…

You can build very sophisticated forms with Gravity Forms.

You’ll build more powerful forms than before, with conditional logic and automatic calculations.

Gravity Forms is simple and useful for integrating simple call to actions into your website. But it is also a tool that lends itself to building configurators, order forms,… You can even link payment options to it to let your customers pay directly via Paypal and credit card.


Installing and configuring Gravity Forms

All in all, Gravity Forms is a handy plugin that you can get up and running quickly. But just because there are so many options and applications, it can get a little complicated. Especially with more sophisticated forms.

Do you have questions when formatting a form?

  • How do I adjust the settings of a form?
  • What types of confirmations can I set up?
  • How do I change the (email) notifications for a form?
  • Where can I view the submissions?
  • How to integrate html or other code into your form?
  • Have fields filled in automatically?
  • Why is my gravity form not registering submissions?
  • How can I add calculations in fields?

Then let us know. We’ll be able to answer your queries and help you configure Gravity Forms on your site.

Gravity Forms is also the chosen forms plugin for WordPress for us. So chances are that we have received your question before or have run into the problem ourselves.

We will be happy and quick to help you set up your forms!


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