Creating your own WordPress backup

Creating your own WordPress backup the easy way

Backing up your website is always a good idea.

You want to update WordPress, your theme or a plugin, then there often comes that message, “make a backup first.” but you don’t know how to do that, so you go for it. You’ve done it before, and it’s always worked out well. And it usually runs well, most of the time… But not always, that is. Hopefully you don’t have it before, but then you have a problem.

Backing up your website is always a good idea. Then you can confidently work on your website, experiment,… Knowing that if things go wrong, you can always fall back on a backup anyway.


How do you backup your WordPress website?

If you’ve chosen a good hosting company, then backups are included in their service, so you don’t have to do anything.

If you choose a professional partner to maintain your website, they will do the same for you.

If you don’t have any of the above, you can also do it yourself.


Backups via a plugin

There are a lot of backup plugins available for WordPress. Free and paid ones.

Installing a plugin that makes backups for you and also helps you restore backups if needed is the easiest way.

Free Plugins

Free plugins are often “freemium” plugins. They do do the basic functions that you need, but if you need a little more or want support, you have to switch to the paid ‘premium’ version of the plugin. As long as the free version is sufficient, that is of course convenient. An example of such a plugin is Updraftplus. It is updated regularly, gets good reviews and has been installed over a million times.

Premium plugins

There are also plenty of paying or premium plugins. One of the best known and most widely used is Backupbuddy.


Create your own WordPress backups

You can also do it all by yourself.

There are 2 elements you need to backup:


The first is your database. That’s where all your posts and content from your website reside. Here you can read how to do that.


The second element is all the files of WordPress, the installed themes, scripts, plugins and all media you uploaded earlier such as images. These can be downloaded to your computer with an FTP program and then stored somewhere.


Want to restore your backup?

Then restore the files via FTP and reload your saved database. Reloading the database is nicely explained here.

If you need a backup because something went wrong with your website or your website was hacked, be sure to restore a backup in which there were no problems. If necessary, restore everything in small pieces (plugin by plugin) and screen all elements thoroughly for possible problems first.


Still not entirely clear? Or are you afraid to do it yourself?

We help you back up your WordPress website

We are happy to help you further. Then together we look at how best to backup your WordPress website and how to install automatic backups.

If you have chosen a good hosting provider, then backups are included in their hosting service and you don’t have to do anything else. If you choose a professional partner to maintain your website, they will do the same for you.

WPorters makes backups of your WordPress website so you don’t have to worry about data loss.

Daily backup included

  • Daily backups of files and databases
  • Up to 14 days back
  • Free restore of backups (with a max of 1 per month)

Instant backup (on request)

On request we provide a backup at an agreed time (with a maximum of 1 per month).
Interested in this service? Then definitely reach out to our WordPress experts.

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